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7 August 2019


In response to recent statement of Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) and any allegations regarding ICU’s and/or my roles in certain transactions in 2014 where ICU acted as a broker for PJSC Agrarian Fund in 2014, I, Konstantin Stetsenko, feel compelled to emphasize once again that, both ICU and I have acted fully in accordance with the law in all the transactions in question. In particular, ICU as a broker acted on behalf and upon instructions of its client. We duly performed our obligations as the broker.


The events surrounding the said transactions have been investigated by relevant courts and the independent stock market regulator. ICU cooperated fully in these investigations by providing all the information it held in its records and by taking part in the court hearings. The relevant court decisions are publicly available (see below) and the PGO was a party to these proceedings. Prosecutor's office is well aware that the courts found ICU had acted in accordance with the law in these transactions.


The statement that I was ever a deputy to Valeria Gontareva is false, as are the allegations that Olexiy Filatov was a lawyer in these transactions.


Therefore, we believe that the new allegations are based on unreliable information and have no merits. Given the multiple procedural omissions made by the PGO, I intend to respond to their actions in the manner prescribed by law.