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16 June 2022

UACB allows the holder to easily and anonymously invest in cryptocurrency through tokens secured by peace bonds


Financial group ICU, in cooperation with EVOL.TECH, has announced the release UACB, the first cryptocurrency backed by peace bonds of the government of Ukraine.


This product is another fruitful cooperation of businesses that are uniting to support Ukraine the state. EVOL.TECH, one of the leaders in blockchain development in Ukraine, was chosen as the technological partner to issue the cryptocurrency. 


UACB allows the holder to easily and anonymously invest in cryptocurrency through tokens secured by peace bonds. They combine a government guarantee of return on bonds with all the benefits of blockchain technology.


The organizers deliberately kept the first issue of "cryptobonds" small to test of the degree of interest on the part of a new category of debt investors and to demonstrate the potential of the new law on virtual assets.


The UACB is settled in Tether (USDT), a cryptocurrency pegged to the dollar. Every cryptocurrency owner can support Ukraine's victory by purchasing UACB tokens for USDT. After the government pays the bonds, the UACB can be exchanged into invested USDT. The UACB buyout is scheduled for November 2022.


“ICU has been the leader in the government bond market in Ukraine for more than 10 years, and it is one of the most technologically advanced brokers in the country. Due to the war with Russia, our main focus is the promotion of peace bonds. With the help of UACB, Ukraine's victory can be supported by cryptocurrency with a state-guaranteed return on investment. As all settlements are made in USDT, the UACB helps to avoids currency risks during exchange rate fluctuations,” commented ICU Deputy Director Yevgeniya Gryshchenko. 


"Since the beginning of the war, the crypto-community has provided great financial support to the fight against Russia. The benefits of blockchain technology erase barriers and make supporting Ukraine as simple and convenient as possible. Peace bonds, in turn, have become the second source of funding for the state budget, and are very important for Ukraine. Realizing this, we have devoted our knowledge and experience to provide an incentive to crypto-community investors around the world to support our victory. Please note that this is a source of new money for the country," said Valery Edelev, CEO of EVOL.TECH.


You can find out all the details and buy tokens on the website:




ICU Group is an independent, multi-strategy asset management, private equity, and investment firm that specialises in emerging and frontier markets worldwide. The Group also makes venture capital and fintech investments through its venture capital arm, ICU Ventures.


EVOL.TECH is a Ukrainian IT company specializing in the creation of Neobroker and RoboAdvisor projects designed to facilitate investments in foreign securities and cryptocurrencies.