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16 September 2021

Fund's issue size is UAH 500 million.


ICU Group has registered a closed qualifying mutual investment fund "ICU EUROBOND FUND" with an issue size of UAH 500 million. On September 15, the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market (NCSSM) made a decision to register the prospectus and issue investment certificates of the fund.


In the context of decreasing rates on foreign exchange instruments and thanks to the opening up of investment opportunities outside of Ukraine, ICU decided to launch an Eurobond fund, which gives a wide range of private investors access to foreign bonds.


The fund’s strategy is focused on investing in a wide range of fixed income instruments, mainly in Eurobonds of reliable Ukrainian issuers in order to obtain a yield that exceeds the level of local foreign currency instruments.


“Taking into account the low rates of foreign currency deposits and bonds, we have created a new Eurobond fund. Previously 16 Eurobonds of Ukrainian issuers, including Kernel, MHP, Metinvest, Naftogaz, Oschadbank and others were put into circulation inside of Ukraine after ICU’s request,” said Grigoriy Ovcharenko, asset manager of the ICU group in Ukraine.


ICU manages the largest investment and pension funds in Ukraine, with over 117 thousand members.


About ICU  


ICU Group is an independent multi-strategy asset management, private equity, and investment firm that specialises in the emerging, and frontier markets, with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe. The Group also has a portfolio of venture capital and fintech investments through its venture capital arm, ICU Ventures.  


Headquartered in Ukraine, ICU currently manages $500m in assets, making it one of the largest financial groups dedicated to investing in emerging and frontier markets. ICU aims to provide its clients with superior risk-adjusted returns across a number of asset classes with investment decisions supported by robust macroeconomic and sectoral analyses from an in-house team of research economists.