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26 March 2020

ICU has purchased tests and critical care equipment to support key hospitals in Kyiv



Given the risk of a shortage in COVID-19 tests and other medical supplies in Ukraine, ICU has purchased tests and critical care equipment to support key hospitals in Kyiv, which are at the forefront of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. ICU funded the delivery of resuscitation consumables and the only qualitative detection tests for the diagnosis of COVID-19.


“In these unprecedented times, it is extremely important to provide our citizens with access to the most precise tests possible and provide the healthcare professionals on the frontline with the best protection to help them cope with the pandemic as the virus has yet to peak in Ukraine. It is equally important that we all bear the responsibility of observing the quarantine in order to not overburden the hospitals in this critical time,” commented ICU’s co-founder Konstantin Stetsenko.


ICU provided key medical supplies to:


  • Oleksandrivska Clinical Hospital: The hospital handling the bulk of suspected Covid-19 case. 200 additional tests were provided with the real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR tests). These are currently the only accurate tests for determining coronavirus.


Результат пошуку зображень за запитом пцр тесты


  • City Hospital No. 4: One of three key Kyiv hospitals which has been repurposed to treat patients with COVID-19. ICU provided 4,750 units of resuscitation supplies: viral-bacterial filters, respiratory circuits, endotracheal tubes, oxygen masks and drainage bags.



  • The Kyiv Perinatal Center: One of the main hospitals handling pregnant women with viral infections. They were supplied with three all-in-one resuscitation monitors which enables monitoring of all vital indicators of the patient in critical condition



“Any support is important, regardless of size or value. In times like these, it is our duty to step up and help where we can. We urge businesses to be more socially responsible than ever, to help Ukrainian medical staff and citizens cope with this disaster, aiding the country's return to a normal life with minimum impact,” said Makar Paseniuk, co-founder of ICU.