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11 September 2017


Kiev. September 11, 2017. ICU Group, together with the Kyiv School of Economics, announce Ukraine Economy Week: People. Finance. Innovations, one of the most prestigious events dedicated to the Ukrainian and global economy.


Two large-scale events are scheduled for Economy Week: the international scientific conference “People Matter: Quality of Life and Wellbeing of Individuals, Families, and Communities in the Post-Transition Economy” in Kyiv, and the “Ukrainian Financial Forum 2017” in Odessa.


Makar Paseniuk, Managing Director of ICU, said in his opening remarks of Economy Week,


“We have joined forces with friends from the Kyiv School of Economics to offer a program of exciting lectures and seminars on ‘People, Finance, and Innovation’. To our way of thinking, these three subjects are the pillars of the Ukrainian economy.”


He stressed that the event, through a series of seminars and presentations, is organized as a platform for discussion to allow everyone to join in the changes and transformation of the Ukraine economy.


“Ukraine has overcome the economic crisis. Investors, who now see macroeconomic stability and a clear path for economic recovery, are again looking at Ukraine as a place to commit funds. The country has made significant progress, but that progress must be consolidated. The government should not deviate from reforms that increase efficiency and support the country's vitality. The success of reforms is the driving force of Ukraine’s future.”


Paseniuk pointed out that Ukraine must manage its development according to international standards.


“The world is interconnected. Globalized. Ukraine does not function separately. We are not a closed economic system, nor can we afford to be. We must adhere to international standards, otherwise we will not gain the trust of the international community.”



ICU is an independent asset management, private equity and investment advisory firm specialising in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe.


Founded in 2006 by senior investment professionals from ING, ICU is Ukraine's leading asset manager. ICU currently manages over $400m in assets. Since 2010 ICU’s flagship CIS Opportunities Fund has delivered returns exceeding 16 percent per year, net of fees, versus less than 1% annual returns for the HFRI Emerging Markets Russia/Eastern Europe Index over the same period.


ICU’s veteran investment team has experience in private equity, high yield corporate debt, distressed debt, restructurings and other special situations across a number of emerging markets. Investment decisions are supported by robust macroeconomic and sectoral analyses from the in-house team of research economists.


ICU aims to provide its clients with superior risk-adjusted returns across a number of asset classes. The firm is expanding its reach into key European markets via a combination of organic growth and acquisition and continues to expand the range its investment offerings.