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Market Quotes

27 May 2024

ISIN Maturity % Yield Volume ISIN Maturity % Yield Volume
UA4000196562 02.01.2019 20.00% SIM 0.1-10m UA4000196562 02.01.2019 17.75% SIM 0.1-10m
UA4000180426 10.04.2019 20.00% YTM 0.1-10m UA4000180426 10.04.2019 17.75% YTM 0.1-10m
UA4000198006 10.06.2020 20.00% YTM 0.1-10m UA4000198006 10.06.2020 17.75% YTM 0.1-10m
UA4000200174 20.01.2021 20.00% YTM 0.1-10m UA4000200174 20.01.2021 17.75% YTM 0.1-10m