About us
ICU Group is an independent, multi-strategy asset management, private equity, and investment firm that specialises in emerging and frontier markets worldwide. The Group also makes venture capital and fintech investments through its venture capital arm, ICU Ventures.

Institutional approach

  • Our top-managers have 10-20 years of professional experience with leading foreign investment companies and banks
  • International business standards
  • Strong corporate culture with a long-term approach and responsibility
  • Managing over $500m in assets

Profound and comprehensive local market knowledge

  • Most experienced and professional corporate finance team in Ukraine

  • Consistently highly ranked macro, FI, sector and company research coverage

  • Leading sales and trading team

  • Expanding reach into key European markets


  • The founding principles of our business are independence, transparency, and high quality service
  • Freedom of decision-making
  • No external shareholders
  • No exclusive partnerships
  • Stability via diversification


Quality focused

  • Customized approach to each client ensures high quality service
  • Independent and objective approach to problem-solving helps build long-term relationships with customers

Strong Team

  • Founding Partners’ reputation and experience
  • Veteran investment team with specialist emerging markets knowledge
  • Possibility for equity participation available to key employees enables us to attract the best professionals
  • Direct participation of the partners in the operational activities provides efficient decision-making and personal control
  • Robust macroeconomic and sectoral analyses from an in-house team of research economists

Licenses - Asset Management

AMC Investment Capital Ukraine LLC  (130.2kb)

Trading Operations

Brokerage Activities  (1.3mb)

Dealer Trade Activities  (1.3mb)

Underwriting  (1.6mb)

Depository Activities  (1.2mb)