About us
ICU is an independent asset management, private equity and investment advisory firm specialising in the Emerging Markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

Institutional approach

  • Our top-managers have 10-20 years of professional experience with leading foreign investment companies and banks
  • International business standards
  • Strong corporate culture with a long-term approach and responsibility
  • Managing over $500m in assets

Profound and comprehensive local market knowledge

  • Most experienced and professional corporate finance team in Ukraine

  • Consistently highly ranked macro, FI, sector and company research coverage

  • Leading sales and trading team

  • Expanding reach into key European markets


  • The founding principles of our business are independence, transparency, and high quality service
  • Freedom of decision-making
  • No external shareholders
  • No exclusive partnerships
  • Stability via diversification


Quality focused

  • Customized approach to each client ensures high quality service
  • Independent and objective approach to problem-solving helps build long-term relationships with customers

Strong Team

  • Founding Partners’ reputation and experience
  • Veteran investment team with specialist emerging markets knowledge
  • Possibility for equity participation available to key employees enables us to attract the best professionals
  • Direct participation of the partners in the operational activities provides efficient decision-making and personal control
  • Robust macroeconomic and sectoral analyses from an in-house team of research economists

Licenses - Asset Management

AMC Investment Capital Ukraine LLC  (130.2kb)

Trading Operations

Brokerage Activities  (1.3mb)

Dealer Trade Activities  (1.3mb)

Underwriting  (1.6mb)

Depository Activities  (1.2mb)