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Fixed Income Fund II197
Fixed Income Fund II

Fund's strategy

Non-Diversified Closed-End Investment Fund "Investment Capital - Fixed Income Fund II"

The Fund's strategy is to generate a stable income by investing funds in fixed-income instruments: government, municipal and corporate bonds of Ukrainian issuers.
One of the key components of the strategy is to save money from devaluation by investing in the US dollar, euro and other foreign currencies.
Through a systematic approach and an active investment management style, the fund makes it possible to receive additional income with a minimum level of risk.
The fund was established in 2020 with a strategy similar to the previous fund of the Non-Diversified Closed-End Investment Fund "Investment Capital - Fixed Income Fund", the end date of which is 04.04.2021
For the period of 2011-2021, the fund demonstrated an average annual return of 28% - this is the best indicator in Ukraine among bond investment funds.

General Fund Information


Non-Diversified Closed-End Investment Fund


Liquidity maintenance on secondary market



Establishment Date


Closure Date







UKRSIBBANK (BNP Paribas Group)


Audit and Consulting Group "Kitaeva & Partners"

Minimum investment

UAH 100 000


Private and Institutional


NAV daily

Advanced Redemption

NAV - 1%

Asset Management

1% of NAV annually


15% of income obtained in excess of the planned profitability

Want to participate

The investment procedure for an individual resident

1. An individual needs to open a securities account (if need be). The investment certificates are issued in book-entry form and recorded on the accounts of the securities in the depository system. In order to open an account, you can contact our custodian, LLC "Investment Capital Ukraine", or any other custodian or your choosing (the full list of custodians can be found on the SSMSC website). Further information on the activities of the custodian, LLC "Investment Capital Ukraine", is available here.

2. Sign the SPA.

3. Make the payment according to the SPA. The investment certificate will be registered to your securities account no later than three (3) working days from the date of payment. The registration of the fund’s investment certificate to your account will be confirmed by an account statement provided by the custodian.

4. Documentation Required:
—  passport;
—  Tax Identification Number (TIN certificate);

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us:

+380 (44) 377-70-40, (ext. 771)

+380 (44) 299-11-40, (ext. 771)

Marina Petrenko