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30 квітня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

US dollar drops on weak 1Q results

Interfax reported that the NBU did not intervene into the narrow market. On a positive note, China and the NBU successfully extended the FX currency swap agreement. Although the US posted weak 1Q2015 ...

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29 квітня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Liquidity continues to decline

Broader banking sector liquidity fell UAH1.08bn to UAH55.31bn as funds were reallocated between banks’ correspondent accounts with the NBU and CDs and future debt repayments increased. Banks’ correspo ...

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28 квітня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Bondholders agree EXIMUK15 extension

After having failed to reach a quorum two weeks ago, Ukreximbank bondholders, after approving a new level of quorum last week, reconvened yesterday and passed the resolution to extend its US$750m Euro ...

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27 квітня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

No refinancing of debt repayments

The MoF has sold only a small portion of military bonds but made significant debt repayments since mid-March. UAH28.72bn in principal and interest repayments, including this week’s repayments, was sch ...

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24 квітня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Ukraine could issue new US-backed bonds shortly

The US guarantee for the new US$1bn Ukrainian Eurobond offering will be available, effective today for one month, according to Interfax Ukraine and an USAID report. No additional details of a possible ...

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23 квітня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

NBU purchases new bonds from Naftogaz

According to NBU data on bondholders’ portfolios, its portfolio rose UAH2.23bn to UAH342.76bn and the other residents’ portfolio declined by a similar volume. The remaining other groups’ portfolios ch ...

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22 квітня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Liquidity rises above UAH60.0bn

Broader banking sector liquidity rose UAH2.34bn to UAH61.65bn yesterday, setting this month’s record high. The NBU continued to absorb extra liquidity as it increased total CDs outstanding by UAH1.27b ...

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21 квітня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Industrial production in March

The industrial production index rebounded by nearly 10% in March from February while in year-on-year terms the decline was still a sizable 21.1%, according to the State Statistics Office. ...

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