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13 лютого 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

IMF approves US$17.6bn EFF

The IMF announced yesterday early morning that it would issue to Ukraine nearly US$18bn in an Extended Fund Facility (EFF) and will likely approve the first tranche of US$5bn later in February or earl ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150213.pdf  (778.3kb)

12 лютого 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Donbas ceasefire talks underway in Minsk

Last evening, the four leaders of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia were holding talks for a cease fire in Donbas. While no details of the steps being negotiated have been revealed yet, the media co ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150212.pdf  (729.3kb)

11 лютого 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

New Minsk ceasefire agreement

In a multi-phased diplomatic attempt to negotiate a ceasefire advanced another step late yesterday night as representatives from Ukraine, the OSCE, Russia, and the pro-Russia militants convened in Min ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150211.pdf  (769.5kb)

10 лютого 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

UAH stabilizes after penetrating 26/USD

The hryvnia appears to have stabilized at 25/USD after it rose nearly 1% yesterday on US$217m in trading. As the IMF's stance as well as Kremlin's stance are among key factors that impact Ukraine's ec ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150210.pdf  (664.4kb)

9 лютого 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Another ceasefire attempt

In a concerted effort to broker a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine over the weekend, the leaders of France and Germany successfully arranged a meeting between Putin and Poroshenko in Minsk t ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150209.pdf  (778.5kb)

6 лютого 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Metinvest’s steel and iron ore production

Metinvest announced yesterday that its crude steel production increased 1% QoQ to 1.75mt in 4Q14, while the production of iron ore concentrate remained unchanged QoQ at 8.44mt. At the same time, the c ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150206.pdf  (794.4kb)

6 лютого 2015 Market Reviews

Bond Market Insight

USD-denominated bonds re-offered

With $237.22m in FX-denominated domestic debt scheduled for repayment next week, including US$218.50m of principal repayments, FX proceeds from Tuesday’s auction were insufficient. The MoF held an uns ...

ICUDebtInsight-20150206.pdf  (336.3kb)

5 лютого 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

BoP Data for December and full-year

Preliminary data on the balance of payments in December showed that the monthly volume of imports grew 7.1% from the previous month while on-year growth was down 36.2%. Prior to December, the monthly ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150205.pdf  (775.8kb)