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7 жовтня 2014 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

UAH remains stable amid poor inflation report

The hryvnia continued to hold steady at 12.95/USD as the NBU reported that it would schedule more FX auctions this week to fulfill the high demand for hard currency. With elections scheduled in less t ...

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6 жовтня 2014 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Hryvnia stable, external environment challenging

The hryvnia maintained its 12.95/USD level on US$174m in trading last Friday, in accordance with authorities' demands. The NBU reported weighted average rate was 12.9405/USD. However, the US jobs rep ...

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3 жовтня 2014 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Kremlin to resume hardball approach to Ukraine

In his keynote speech at the annual investment forum held by state-owned investment firm VTB Capital yesterday, Russian President Putin referred to Ukraine, using such words as fraternity as he habitu ...

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2 жовтня 2014 Market Reviews

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FX market consumes Naftogaz's US$1.6bn deal

The NBU and state-run Naftogaz completed the US$1.6bn redemption yesterday. The day before, NBU authorities likely shifted the actual payment date one day later to prevent an impact on the level of of ...

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1 жовтня 2014 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

NBU further increases CDs outstanding

Broader banking sector liquidity continued to rise yesterday, setting new records, as total CDs outstanding and future debt repayments rose slightly. Banks' correspondent accounts with the NBU slid UA ...

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