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14 січня 2015 Market Reviews

Bond Market Insight

MoF rejects high rates

Following the holiday break, the MoF yesterday held the second primary auction this year, offering a similar set of bonds as it replaced only the 3-month with a 6-month maturity and continued with the ...

ICUDebtInsight-20150114.pdf  (337.6kb)

13 січня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

FX reserves hit new low

Broader banking sector liquidity rose UAH0.71bn to UAH31.23bn yesterday, a record high since the beginning of October 2014. Funds were slightly reallocated as banks’ correspondent accounts with the NB ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150113.pdf  (785.2kb)

12 січня 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Donbas war: Sides uncompromising

Over the weekend, military and civilian casualties mount further as Ukraine's military reported a sizable increase in the number of attacks by pro-Kremlin militants, with as many as 50 on Saturday and ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150112.pdf  (633.3kb)

30 грудня 2014 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

IMF head talks with Putin

Yesterday, Ukrainian lawmakers passed the 2015 state budget law at 4:30 in the morning ahead of the next mission of IMF which starts on January 8th. The Fund is looking for additional US$15bn from don ...

ICUDailyInsight-20141230.pdf  (727kb)

29 грудня 2014 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Ruling coalition to finalize the state budget law

Yesterday the ruling coalition worked all day and possibly through the night to finalize the 2015 state budget law with a 60% probability that it will be adopted. With the approved budget in place, th ...

ICUDailyInsight-20141229.pdf  (642kb)

26 грудня 2014 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Minsk talks largely unproductive

In the first day of talks in Minsk on the ceasefire that was agreed to in September but was largely disregarded until very recently, a prisoner swap agreement was met yesterday. Although talks will co ...

ICUDailyInsight-20141226.pdf  (683.5kb)

25 грудня 2014 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Holiday season trading

Holiday season trading As calmed holiday season FX trading provides a temporary reprieve, central banks can concentrate on yearly reports. The Russian central bank aims to fix the FX rate at 55/USD ...

ICUDailyInsight-20141225.pdf  (710.8kb)

24 грудня 2014 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

2015 state budget law under discussion

PM Yatsenyuk's draft of the 2015 state budget bill has caused controversy among the ruling majority PMs, and, despite support from the pro-president faction, critics expect broad changes to the draft. ...

ICUDailyInsight-20141224.pdf  (774.2kb)