12 листопада 2014 Macroeconomics

Quarterly Report

Practicing a crises slalom

This is an updated and condensed summary of our macro view for the 4Q of 2014 and 2015-16. Ukraine is practicing a crises slalom. In our view, the past 12 months saw acute political c ...

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30 липня 2014 Macroeconomics

Quarterly Report

Ukraine to Kremlin: Back off

This is our condensed summary of our macro view for the 2H of 2014 and 2015-16. De-facto war: Ukraine responds to Kremlin military assertiveness. Ukraine's public and its milit

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16 квітня 2014 Macroeconomics

Quarterly Report

Ukraine: Global war by other means

Below is a summary of our macro view for 2014-15. (It is condensed to three pages in order to detail key information from the report.) Geopolitics: Ukraine as a brand-new epicentre of the

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