12 липня 2016 Bonds

Banking Sector Insight

About to take off

The Ukrainian banking system is bouncing back from the bottom of the financial crisis which was reached in 1H15. Increased solvency and the abundant level of liquidity at most banks paves the way for ...

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9 червня 2016 Bonds

Banking Sector Insight

FUIB announces recapitalization plan

FUIB announces recapitalization plan. A recent stress test has revealed a need for an additional UAH1.2bn in capital (35% share capital increase) that FUIB’s shareholder agreed to provide throu ...

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1 березня 2016 Bonds

Banking Sector Insight

Wheels slip

The Ukrainian banking sector is being transformed in accordance with an earlier plan aimed at boosting solvency and reducing risk. However, interim deadlines have been missed by large margins, with so ...

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