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16 червня 2015 Bonds


Eurobons reprofiling

As we predicted, Oschadbank’s Eurobond restructuring terms mirror those of Ukreximbank’s. The bank has also presented an offer to the Royal Bank of Scotland to exchange subordinated debt for a new Eur ...

ICUDebtInsight-20150616.pdf  (244.2kb)

9 червня 2015 Bonds

Bond Market Insight

FUIB 1Q15 IFRS financial results

In its 1Q15 IFRS financial results, First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) claimed that its loan portfolio suffered little despite the extreme USD/UAH rate fluctuations. Actively engaged in loan ...

ICUDebtInsight-20150609.pdf  (204.7kb)

5 червня 2015 Bonds


2016s restructuring may effectively resolve distress risks

Second attempt to restructure remaining 2016s. On May 28, Ferrexpo announced a new consent solicitation for its US$286m in outstanding Eurobonds maturing in 2016. According to the offer, the 20 ...

ICUDebtInsight-20150605.pdf  (359kb)

19 травня 2015 Bonds

Banking Sector Insight

Guided recovery

The Ukrainian banking is close to hitting the bottom of the economic crisis. Net losses of UAH41.9bn in 2014 and UAH80.9bn in 1Q15 alone have wiped out 23.1% of the banks’ overall equity. The IMF has ...

ICUDebtInsight-20150519.pdf  (2.1mb)

22 квітня 2015 Bonds


Eurobond restructuring offer

Ukreximbank seeks to extend EXIMUK15 by seven years with no haircut and with a higher coupon rate. As the current proposal is significantly more appealing to the bondholders, the high probability of r ...

ICUDebtInsight-20150422.pdf  (323.1kb)

8 грудня 2014 Bonds

Banking Sector Insight

In a search of confidence

Our banking sector quarterly update focuses on the most recent financial data on banks – in this case, for 3Q14 – and discusses the latest developments in the sector as well as in the economy. In a nu ...

ICUDebtInsight-20141208-print.pdf  (4.1mb)

1 грудня 2014 Bonds

Bond Market Insight

Keeping negative anticipations

Under its new parliament last week, only the Prime Minister was approved while other government appointments were not. As a result, financial market conditions remained unchanged from the last few ...

ICUDebtInsight-20141201.pdf  (1.2mb)

11 листопада 2014 Bonds

Bond Market Insight

High risks and negative anticipations

Ukraine remains under the pressure of negative anticipations caused by high yields and highly limited access to financing. The further depreciation of the hryvnia and significant decline in FX rese ...

ICUDebtInsight-20141111.pdf  (1.2mb)