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Local Fixed-Income Market

The sixth annual Ukrainian Financial Forum organized by ICU was held on 27 September in Kyiv. This year’s forum was dedicated to the domestic bond market, which has received significant impetus due ...

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Внутрішній ринок облігацій

26 вересня в Києві відбувся шостий щорічний Український фінансовий форум, організований ICU. Форум був присвячений внутрішньому ринку облігацій, який цього року отримав потужний поштовх завдяки неб ...

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12 липня 2016 Bonds

Banking Sector Insight

About to take off

The Ukrainian banking system is bouncing back from the bottom of the financial crisis which was reached in 1H15. Increased solvency and the abundant level of liquidity at most banks paves the way for ...

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9 червня 2016 Bonds

Banking Sector Insight

FUIB announces recapitalization plan

FUIB announces recapitalization plan. A recent stress test has revealed a need for an additional UAH1.2bn in capital (35% share capital increase) that FUIB’s shareholder agreed to provide throu ...

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1 березня 2016 Bonds

Banking Sector Insight

Wheels slip

The Ukrainian banking sector is being transformed in accordance with an earlier plan aimed at boosting solvency and reducing risk. However, interim deadlines have been missed by large margins, with so ...

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8 грудня 2015 Bonds

Bond Market Insight

Debt restructuring: Ukrainian version

After months of negotiations with bondholders since mid-March of this year, the Ministry of Finance recently finalized the key part of the debt deal. At a successful vote at the bondholders' me ...

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25 серпня 2015 Bonds

Banking Sector Insight

Overcoming the challenges

The Ukrainian banking sector remains undercapitalized amid the ongoing financial market instability. While there is still a very challenging period ahead, we believe that the Ukrainian banking sector ...

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10 липня 2015 Bonds

Bond Market Insight

Sensitivity analysis of future public debt

This report provides a projection of what Ukraine’s public debt level might evolve from 2015 through 2025. Assuming ICU's base-case macroeconomic scenario (with a 50% probability) and no external debt ...

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