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23 August 2016 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Auction announcement

Today, the MoF will offer five local currency denominated bonds, including one UAH/USD indexed bond with a 7-year maturity and the remaining regular bonds with maturities from five months to two years ...

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23 August 2016 Market Reviews

Bond Market Insight

Неактивное размещение

Сегодня Минфин продолжил размещать облигации, индексируемые на курс гривня/доллар, возобновив их предложение на прошлой неделе. Объём размещения увеличился до 2.7 млрд гривень, однако покупателем снов ...

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18 August 2016 Market Reviews

Bond Market Insight

MoF pushes domestic yield curve down

We consider last domestic government bond placement (held on 16 August 2016) as a success for the government. First, the yield curve shifted downward on this government bond placement versus ...

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16 August 2016 Market Reviews

Bond Market Insight

Минфин снижает кривую доходностей

Результат сегодняшнего аукциона по размещению государственных облигаций, на наш взгляд, следует рассматривать как успех для правительства. Во-первых, кривая доходности по ОВГЗ в гривне снизи ...

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3 August 2016 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Primary auction rejects all bids

The MoF rejected all submitted demand at yesterday's auctions, based on low volume and unacceptable interest rates. Although demand for the 5-year bond was anticipated at the acceptable rate 16.55%, t ...

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2 August 2016 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Liquidity recovers slightly

After the expected decline at the end of last week, liquidity recovered yesterday, mostly supported by the NBU. Banks’ correspondent accounts with the NBU rose UAH3.84bn to UAH41.53bn while total CDs ...

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1 August 2016 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

New government bond offering results

Last week, the MoF sold UAH0.8bn of new government bonds which were mostly purchased by banks and other residents. As local currency also weakened on that day, total bonds outstanding rose UAH0.90bn t ...

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