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Market Surveys

31 March 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

April primary auction schedule

In its announcement of the primary auction schedule for April, the MoF scheduled only one primary auction of “military” bonds which have not yet been offered this year. As the MoF sold a paltry UAH99. ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150331.pdf  (715.1kb)

30 March 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

UAH volatility subsides

Tighter domestic tighter regulations of FX operations to restrain demand for US dollars appear to have calmed demand for FX. The hryvnia's rate remained largely intact on Friday. Its trade-weighted in ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150330.pdf  (732.1kb)

26 March 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Hryvnia in decline

Yesterday, the hryvnia lost 1.18% versus the US dollar, which also was down, and its nominal trade-weighted value contracted 0.22% (Bloomberg: DXY). The euro increased 0.44% and the Russian ruble ros ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150326.pdf  (778.9kb)

25 March 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

DTEK announces its restructuring offer

Yesterday, DTEK announced its offer to exchange its US$200m in outstanding Eurobonds with a 9.50% coupon due 28 April 2015 for US$200 cash per Eurobond and up to US$170m of new notes with a 10.375% co ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150325.pdf  (779.7kb)

24 March 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

UAH: Volatile session, real TWI down

The hryvnia was quite volatile as the rate swung between 21.7 and 23.3 in trading yesterday as it closed down 3.19% on volume of US$124.40m. In trade-weighted terms, the hryvnia lost 3.92points. This ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150324.pdf  (719.7kb)

23 March 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

UAH pauses

The hryvnia increased 6.10% on US$163.24m in trading last Friday, possibly supported last week by the pause in the US dollar that after the unprecedented several month rally that began in July. The g ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150323.pdf  (769kb)

20 March 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

UAH stops two day decline

After declining 7% in total over the past two days, the hryvnia took a pause yesterday and moved up by just 0.32% yesterday, possibly in reaction to the volatile reaction that the market had the US Fe ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150320.pdf  (780.2kb)

19 March 2015 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

UAH weakens visibly

The hryvnia slid 4.80% as negative sentiment gained momentum. However, late night news of the US Fed’s decision caused equities and the euro to rally. The USD index dropped 1.04% as equities and UST b ...

ICUDailyInsight-20150319.pdf  (783kb)