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15 March 2016 Market Reviews

Bond Market Insight

Минфин разместил короткие ОВГЗ

В начале третьего месяца после возобновления первичных размещений, Минфин впервые разместил 6-месячные ОВГЗ, расширив кривую доходности и этим сроком. Доходность этих облигаций была зафиксирована на ...

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14 March 2016 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Liquidity in one step from recovery

Last week, banking sector liquidity fell to its lowest level of this year last Friday to UAH94.45bn and then slightly recovered to UAH95.19bn in Saturday, a business day in Ukraine. Total CDs outstand ...

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11 March 2016 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Bondholders' portfolios decline

The latest NBU data on bondholders' structure published yesterday shows a UAH2.23bn decrease in total bonds outstanding to UAH237.69bn as well as a decline in the bondholders' groups. The NBU's portfo ...

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10 March 2016 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Primary auction cancelled

The MoF rejected a single bid received yesterday and cancelled the auction. Although the MoF sold 2-year bonds at 19.70% earlier this year (20.70% YTM), the last two recent offerings of this bond attr ...

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10 March 2016 Market Reviews

Bond Market Insight

Continuing attempts to shake the yield curve

The MoF once more did not sell 2-year local currency bonds yesterday as it rejected demand at 19.80%, which was above its anticipated 19.70% bid submitted earlier this year. Yesterday's bid of UAH15.0 ...

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9 March 2016 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Liquidity slightly volatile

Banks’ correspondent accounts with the NBU recovered UAH1.97bn to UAH35.59bn last Friday prior the extended weekend, while total CDs outstanding declined UAH2.50bn to UAH69.77bn. With this volatility, ...

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9 March 2016 Market Reviews

Bond Market Insight

Попытки раскачать кривую

Сегодня Минфин снова не разместил 2-летние облигации, не согласившись удовлетворять спрос по более высокой ставке. Заявка была подана с доходностью 19.80%, тогда как в январе и в начале февраля Минфин ...

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4 March 2016 Market Reviews

Daily Insight

Banks prefer longer term CDs

The NBU on Wednesday sold UAH13.51bn of new CDs, increasing total CDs outstanding to UAH72.27bn with a slight reallocation of funds into longer CDs. Banks purchased UAH5.57bn of ON CDs as the NBU repa ...

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